True Feelings

‘’Emotions and desires are just emotions and desires  – ignore them – they are not real’’ (and just forget that they ‘’only’’ make up your personal reality)

  • By not acknowledging our emotions and desires as real – as important – as valid
  • We dismiss a whole part of our being. As our  physical being perceives itself through emotions and desires.
  • And what happened when we feel dismissed?
  • We don’t feel valid. We don’t feel important. And we thus don’t feel like being of any value.
  • And what happens when we don’t feel valued?
  • We feel unworthy: what matters my life, to me, to you or to the world?
  • And what happens when we feel unworthy?
  • Energy stops flowing – the body got deprived from prana – it falls sick.

Feelings are very scary. They cannot be controlled, they are there without any consent of our brain, and they make you feel things you might not be able to label. Or understand.
This freaks us out: what to do with things we cannot control!?

But even if we ignore them as hard as possible: our bodies are a reflection of the feelings and believes we carry: a reflection of our personal truth. Conscious or subconscious. Maybe more than our understanding of it. As we feel and believe things different, we all live in different realities of our own. Our realties and personal truths might differ: but the truth in there is always equal – especially when you understand that Your personal truth makes up the physical you.   

I love to see the body as the map to our innate believes.

For example. My periods were not regular for over a year time. In the process of finding out how to take care of my boundaries – I did a lot of things which didn’t feel natural for my body: I always prioritized others needs first. This made my body feel unsafe: It never knew if I would stand up for it. Till I commited and showed myself that I would never let my body be harmed by not listening to the signals:  I decided to accept my needs – and made sure they were met first – my body felt safe to run natural processes again – as the energy taken away by protecting itself for possible danger could be used for itself.

Or the thyroid problems: after 8 years of taking medicines – the moment I decided to speak my truth- as everyone has is own truth –  no matter the  possible reactions – this was the moment I could throw out my medicines. As my throat felt happy it was taken seriously: whatever I need to express – is important to express! How can I expect the throat to work fully when I don’t acknowledge it fully?

Rational in terms of medical world?
Applicable on others?
No – as others had not the same experience as me.
Ofcourse. But what does it matter when it produces natural results?

During my consults I usually don’t cling to any technique: I just take a  neutral position – and listen internally to the stories and personal truths hidden in the bodies, as it would be my own.  And the miraculous healings don’t take place because of magic.  It is giving space to what is there – without judgement. Without theories. With templates. Without format. Just offering an audience. To our beautiful feelings, who are so many times ignored. Our beautiful truths: all equally valid, but so many times devalued because others truths were more important. All waiting for someone to take them seriously. All in need of acknowledgement – desperate for attention . All there, untill they are told that it is ok to feel. Ok to be there. Ok to have experienced what we have experienced. Ok to have pain. And Ok to ask for attention.  And help. All there – till the time it found a safe  and non-judgemental space to tell it’s story.

Most of the time – healing miracles  happen when we offer compassionate energies to the wounded memory of the soul in form of understanding. 

As your personal truth is the only thing that matters for your personal you: feelings & emotionals are your key and your guidance to new dimensions of you.

Honour them.

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