the pledge

The Pledge, the heart of The Model’s Health Pledge platform, contains thirteen promises to improve the health of models and to pursue healthy working conditions for everyone working in the fashion industry. It is the basis of this intention that is expressed by all affiliated companies to promote health. By signing this pledge, organisations and individuals consciously promise to care for their personal body and minds as well as that of all their employees and contractors.

The pledge has been developed based on the objectives of ‘Alles is Gezondheid’ (‘Health is Everything’), that is part of the National Prevention Programme. The ultimate goal is to make the Netherlands healthier and more vital. The thirteen promises of The Model’s Health Pledge are specifically focused on the fashion industry; they have been developed in collaboration with companies and stakeholders in this industry. The promises are evaluated and expanded on a yearly basis to realistically improve the health level within the fashion industry step-by-step.

The Model’s Health Pledge is a collaboration of over 60 companies that have signed the Pledge, of which more than 30 companies support the platform. This network has already committed to responsible working environments themselves; improving and safeguarding these good working conditions is paramount. In addition, the signatories endeavor to raise awareness of all stakeholders in the industry about the importance of healthy working conditions. The Advisory Board and Confidentiality Committee, as well as experts and partners, support The Model’s Health Pledge from their own expertise. Together these parties form the basis of the The Model’s Health Pledge platform. Each year they will report on the steps taken to improve the industry. The network gladly welcomes more signatories!


The fashion sector is a flourishing and dynamic industry, there is however always room for improvement. Does your organization agree that a healthy work environment should be a main pillar in fashion? Join our mission to promote the health of everyone in the fashion industry. We can only achieve our mission by collaborating with as many parties as possible! So: help us, help yourself, help your employers, employees and colleagues and sign the Pledge.

Signatories of The Model’s Health Pledge are reviewed by a Confidentiality Committee. This impartial committee monitors the Pledge criteria and ensures that participating organisations have the ambition to create value-added steps in line with our mission, namely to create and monitor a healthier working environment for fashion professionals. The Confidentiality Commission thus ensures the quality of signatories, identifies opportunities for improvement and continuously engages with signatories and stakeholders to turn these opportunities into action.

The Model’s Health Pledge Advisory Board consists of seven leading professionals from varying professional backgrounds, who all share the mission to create the best possible working environment in fashion. The industry is represented within the Advisory Board from both the modelling branche as well as that of agencies, clients, media, business and healthcare.

The Advisory Board consists of:
Babette Aalberts, ABC-Legal
Eric van Furth, Rivierduinen
Freek Koster, Touché Models
Karin Swerink, Vogue
Marvie Rieder, MarVie Foundation
Ralph Moorman, De Hormoonfactor
Rob Groenteman, Blosh Fashion Group

The Advisory Board meets to advise the project team twice a year. The board reviews the work plan and approach, including the processing of ‘misconduct reports’ and the annual report. Signatories are eligible to join the Advisory Board. The composition of the board is discussed with the network annually.

Companies and organisations that want to be part of our movement can join The Model’s Health Pledge network and use the reporting point by applying with the form below. The project team will contact you within five business days.