TMHP campaign; talking to Glyne

The Model’s Health Pledge’s new campaign is more about the power of uniqueness and the ability to be yourself than ever. Therefore, we carefully selected the models featured in the images. We spoke to Glyne (GlyneMae) van Dongen.

“I was 12 years old when I got scouted by my agent Ismael Santana Vasquez. I am now 17 and in the 6th year of the VWO (senior year of Dutch high school). The way I look is largely the way I am naturally, but I also had to change some of my behaviours. For example, I had to start eating a little healthier and exercise more. I get a lot of support from my parents, and also from my agent. He always makes sure work is properly arranged. He also gives me  modelling tips that are very helpful. The best thing about my job is that I can work with different people which teaches me a lot of people skills. It’s truly an education. 

The whole concept of The Model’s Health Pledge really appeals to me. Having the Reporting Point available as a place to share experiences (anonymously) on the platform, we can work to better shape (negative) situations and we can look for solutions together. 

In addition, I think it is important to show that diversity is desperately needed. From my look it is not possible to say whether I am Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino or something else. I have always been in favour of developments with regards to diversity and I think it is important to have a voice. For example, I find it a pity that there is still not much change in the length requirements of models. I am not the tallest myself, but I would love to walk a fashion show. Fortunately, we are already seeing positive changes in the industry, such as women empowerment. You also see the different origins such as Black Lives Matter coming back more and more. And the increasing diversity in model sizes, such as ‘curve’ or between “curve” and “slim”.

Fortunately, I have never found myself in a situation that I wanted to say no to. The only thing I have trouble with is speaking in front of the camera, but that is slowly getting better

Of course there are always people who have a different opinion or a different image about something, but at the moment I think that we are working towards an industry that is pleasant for everyone. I always try to see the positive, and want to keep going and not give up. Everything is can be a learning moment, and not everyone will like you.

My advice is to always remain true to yourself and not change for anyone. We should stand up for each other and accept the actions of every person. ”

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