The Model’s Health Pledge is determined to improve model’s health and healthy working conditions for everyone in the fashion industry. For questions about these subjects you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Report Point – To report misconduct and worrying working conditions, please use the Report Point.
  • FAQ – For frequently asked questions about reports, the process and The Model’s Health Pledge, see FAQ.
  • Participate – Companies and organisations working in the fashion industry who are interested in joining The Model’s Health Pledge are very welcome! Only together we can tackle misconduct and other worrying situations in relation to fashion and health and improve the state of the industry. Interested parties can register via this application form.
  • Other questions – All other questions about The Model’s Health Pledge can be mailed to


You can download press releases and images on this page.

  • Press Release – Launch of The Model’s Health Pledge Platform (English)
  • Persbericht – Launch of The Model’s Health Pledge Platform (Dutch)
  • For interview requests or additional material, contact Marvy Rieder:

Annual Reports

Annual report 2017/2018 (dutch) > download pdf (6.8 mb)

Annual report 2022 > download pdf (4 mb)Credits The Model’s Health Pledge Press Images Annual Event 2018 (low res)
These photos are free for use, if the credits are included:
Photos by Team Peter Stigter for The Model’s Health Pledge.
Download above photos in high res.Credits The Model’s Health Pledge Press Images (low res)
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Concept and Design: No Office
Photography: Remy Castle

  1. Arjan van Heesteren
  2. Arjan van Heesteren
  3. Arjan van Heesteren
  4. Anne Roos Zuidema
  5. Anne Roos Zuidema
  6. Anne Roos Zuidema
  7. Iris Oldenzeel
  8. Iris Oldenzeel
  9. Iris Oldenzeel
  10. Carla Rep
  11. Carla Rep
  12. Carla Rep
  13. Glyne Mae
  14. Glyne Mae
  15. Glyne Mae

Download above photos in high resolution.