reporting point

Did you or someone close to you experience an unhealthy working situation in the fashion industry? Here you can (anonymously) report these worrying working conditions. If your report concerns one of our signatories, we will address the responsible people and organisations and work towards a solution. Together we will make our industry healthier!


Together with you, we strive for a healthier fashion industry. Via this ‘Report Form’ you can easily report any situation of misconduct or worrying working conditions in the fashion industry. All reports are treated confidentially by the confidentiality committee supported by the project team. Naturally, respondents can also choose to stay anonymous.

If the report concerns one of our signatories, we will engage with the parties or persons who are involved and together create a plan for improvement. In very worrying and exceptional situations, the report will be transmitted to other experts and / or other independent agencies, of course in consultation with the respondent. The process and results are shared with the respondent. They are also (anonymously) included in the annual The Model’s Health Pledge report.

Reports over non-signatories are included in the annual report. The learnings are shared with Pledge signatories, with the purpose to share knowledge and thus improve models’ health and the working conditions in the fashion industry.