At The Model’s Health Pledge Task Force Lunch, models raise their voice to talk about improvements we should make in the fashion industry. The recommendations that follow from this are then communicated to the network and used to actually work on improvement.
We also work with experts who educate the models on various topics during The Task Force Lunch.
This edition, Allon Kijl (ABC legal) and Nancy Poleon ( Branded U) were the guest speakers. They addressed important topics such as ‘Rights and obligations’ and ‘Personal Branding’.

Quote Model 

We’re grateful for this opportunity and want to take responsibility as models. Therefore we need more companies to work with TMHP.
They also should sign the Pledge and take responsibilty.

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, the annual report and the results of the first National Models Survey were presented to State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport during the annual meeting.
We look back on a busy, dynamic and positive year in which we, together with the signatories, took concrete steps towards healthier models and healthier working conditions in the fashion industry.

The Model’s Health Pledge platform and reporting point: was launched on October 12, 2017 with a sparkling presentation at Ferilli’s at The College Hotel in the presence of fashion and health stakeholders including modeling agencies, models, media, experts and our partners. Marianne van den Anker of ‘Alles is gezondheid’ presented the evening and welcomed the Advisory Board of The Model’s Health Pledge and new signatories of the pledge on stage. Our thanks go to No Office and Firma Netjes who worked together to realize the brand identity and build the platform that went live this day!

The Models Health Pledge is an online platform initiated and realized by a network of fashion professionals. We advocate good working conditions in the fashion industry. For the industry, by the industry!