The fashion sector is a flourishing and dynamic industry, where aesthetics plays an important role. The Model’s Health Pledge believes that there is no beauty without good health. We have therefore developed an online platform, together with a network of leading fashion companies and professionals who advocate improving general health and healthy working conditions for models and all other players in the fashion industry. This website also acts as a reporting point for worrying situations. Together we work on improving conditions for everyone in our industry.

For whom
By sharing fashion professionals’ personal stories on The Model’s Health Pledge platform, we hope to inspire other (future) professionals. In addition, we provide access to experts in sports, nutrition, the fashion profession, personal development and business. Models, aspiring models and their families, as well as other fashion professionals and stakeholders, can also use this platform to report on worrying situations in their field of work. Together we will work towards an ethical and aesthetic fashion industry!

The Model’s Health Pledge strives for the best possible working environment for fashion professionals. The health of models is our main pillar. Without ethics, no aesthetics – that’s our motto.

The Model’s Health Pledge was created after State Secretary Martin van Rijn of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport engaged in dialogue with the industry about the health of models. The initiative moved forward with the National Prevention Programme ‘Alles is Gezondheid’ (‘All about Health’) and kicked-off during Amsterdam Fashion Week in July 2016. Since then 30 companies signed the Pledge and shared their expertise concerning the functionality and operation of the platform over the course of a year. Those dialogs and research resulted in The Model’s Health Pledge platform and reporting point.

Project team
The Model’s Health Pledge is carried out by initiators Marvy Rieder (MarVie Foundation) and Michelle den Hollander (Michelle’s Good Food). No Office is responsible for the corporate identity and Firma Netjes for web development.

Confidentiality committee
Signatories of The Model’s Health Pledge are reviewed by a Confidentiality Committee, which consists of the confidential persons, Liesbeth in ’t Hout, Marianne van der Gaag and Rachid Naas. This impartial committee monitors the Pledge criteria and ensures that participating organisations have the ambition to create value-added steps in line with our mission, namely to create and monitor a healthier working environment for fashion professionals. The Confidentiality Commission thus ensures the quality of signatories, identifies opportunities for improvement and continuously engages with signatories and stakeholders to turn these opportunities into action.

Advisory board
The Model’s Health Pledge Advisory Board consists of eight leading professionals from varying professional backgrounds, who all share the mission to create the best possible working environment in fashion. The industry is represented within the Advisory Board from both the modelling branche as well as that of agencies, clients, media, business and healthcare.

The Advisory Board consists of:
Babette Aalberts, ABC-Legal
Eric van Furth, Rivierduinen
Freek Koster, Touché Models
Karin Swerink, Linda
Eefke Hendriks, publisher Hearst
Ralph Moorman, De Hormoonfactor
Pauline Brakenhoff, Aaiko 
Linda Spierings, Model

The Advisory Board meets to advise the project team twice a year. The board reviews the work plan and approach, including the processing of ‘misconduct reports’ and the annual report. Signatories are eligible to join the Advisory Board. The composition of the board is discussed with the network annually.


The Model’s Health Pledge is an online platform and reporting point for misconduct, initiated and implemented by a network of fashion professionals. We advocate good working conditions in the fashion industry. For the industry, by the industry!

We can only achieve our mission of improving models’ health and a healthy working environment in the fashion industry by collaborating with as many parties as possible.

reporting point

Did you or someone close to you experience an unhealthy working situation in the fashion industry? Here you can (anonymously) report these worrying working conditions. If your report concerns one of our signatories, we will address the responsible people and organisations and work towards a solution. Together we will make our industry healthier!