The Model’s Health Pledge is committed to achieving a healthy working environment for models and other professionals in the fashion industry. On this online platform, we offer models, aspiring models and other professionals in the fashion industry inspiration and information about sports, nutrition, the fashion profession, personal development and business. A network of experts in these areas has signed our pledge; they are committed to our mission to improve model’s health and the working conditions in the fashion industry. If you want professional advice on these topics, you can approach the experts below. Costs for a consultation may be incurred. Please ask the expert in question about their rates.


Nutrition is the basis of good health;
what do your body and lifestyle need?


An active lifestyle is important for body and mind.

personal development

Personal development comes in many forms. From mental health to confidence coaching.


Fashion is business and it’s important to organize your business affairs.

fashion profession

Tools and training for professional models in the fashion industry


The Model’s Health Pledge is an online platform and reporting point for misconduct, initiated and implemented by a network of fashion professionals. We advocate good working conditions in the fashion industry. For the industry, by the industry!

We can only achieve our mission of improving models’ health and a healthy working environment in the fashion industry by collaborating with as many parties as possible.

reporting point

Did you or someone close to you experience an unhealthy working situation in the fashion industry? Here you can (anonymously) report these worrying working conditions. If your report concerns one of our signatories, we will address the responsible people and organisations and work towards a solution. Together we will make our industry healthier!